Saturday, May 2, 2009

What a Week!

What a hectic week! Typically I wanted to get some research done for some future articles but, as luck would have it, half of England suddenly decided it was time to put their properties up for sale so I was inundated with work. Fortunately I did find time to continue with my Wii Fit programme - conversely however, somewhat unfortunately it assessed my age at 63 midweek (and I'm only 48!). But by yesterday (Friday) I'd got that down to 43 and finally seemed to get my sense of rhythm with the 'step' class, but I still can't master the hoola hoop. Reckon my hips are just too big to accommodate the hoop!!

We had a restless night midweek which probably aided my premature ageing! At about 1.00 am our cat came into the bedroom at breakneck speed and whipped round the room like something possessed. Having put on the bedside light, I could see her at the bottom of the bed with something decidedly furry in her mouth. Instantly thinking it was a rat I got my partner, Adam, to get out of bed and investigate while I quickly disappeared under the covers. The cat let go of said furry friend and Adam discovered it wasn't a rat at all but a poor, frightened but still very lively baby rabbit. So, up I got to try and get the cat away from baby bunny while Adam got dressed. By this time the rabbit had entrenched itself under the bedside table so Adam had to get down on hands and knees to pick the poor thing up before taking it downstairs and placing it under the hedge at the bottom of the garden. Having checked the following morning there was no sign of the rabbit either dead or alive so we're hoping that it found its way home across the meadow. Watership Down eat your heart out!!!

I did find time during the week to email Gordon Brown on the 10 Downing Street webpage to ensure my voice was heard on the Gurkhas' plight. I hadn't been aware that there was going to be a major rally until my 'friend' George Whitehead pasted his blog the previous day. Thanks George for pointing it out. I still can't believe that the government would be so short-sighted as to deny the loyal and devoted Gurkhas access to our country and yet allow into the country all manner of layabouts, criminals and terrorists willy-nilly who are a constant drain on our welfare system. The Gurkhas are far too loyal to expect money for nothing and their settlement here could be a great asset to us.

The other main topic of conversation at the moment seems to be swine 'flu. It seems we're constantly being exposed to peculiar diseases from foreign climes which leads me to believe there's some divine being telling us that we shouldn't be travelling so easily from our native lands to far distant countries. If we do travel outside Europe I would suggest that everyone, on returning to the United Kingdom should undergo six months in quarantine!!

Adam and I have always considered that it's all very fine and dandy people having long haul flights here, there and everywhere but these are the very people who constantly bemoan the fact that we should be eating organic food, recycling and trying to save the planet. They obviously can't see the wider picture that by flying they're not only polluting the atmosphere but also promoting the need for larger airports which take up so much of our beautiful landscape. Add to this the noise pollution factor and it's relatively bad news all round.

Adam and I live in a village relatively close to Norwich Airport but we seldom had major aircraft noise. Due to the fact that we were a stone's throw from the RAF Coltishall air space, they were unable to fly close to our house. However, the government, in their wisdom, decided to close the base which was the last fully functional Battle of Britain base. When RAF Coltishall was in existence we could expect to wake up to the sound of birdsong and look out onto clear blue skies, but since the closure we've noticed that the blue has now turned decidedly 'streaky' due to vapour trails as more and more airports from the Midlands and beyond make use of that space. The helicopters from Norwich Airport also seem to enjoy taunting the village - they fly in extremely close to the houses thereby infringing on our privacy as well as our ear 'oles! In fact, during the summer months we find ourselves having to close the windows before making a phone call.

We no longer need worry about missing vital clues from Midsomer Murders or Marple, however, as we've invested in a hard drive recorder. This has been a sound investment, not only because we can pause 'live' programmes and start them up again when the helicopters have gone over, but we've now got into the habit of recording absolutely everything so we can zip through the adverts. By doing this we're finding that we can watch three one hour episodes of CSI or Criminal Minds in about a couple of hours. Which, of course, leaves us more time to get back on the Wii Fit and do a bit of exercise - well, maybe not!!!

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  1. Thank you for supporting the Gurkhas, Jackie. You must hold some sway at No 10, after your email they caved in! lol
    ps Take those quotation marks away from 'friend'!