Saturday, May 9, 2009

Weekend Wind Down

Thought the weekend would never arrive. Funny how a shorter working week due to Bank Holidays always seems longer than a normal one!!

I've been having fun this morning trying to get the new Triond widget installed on my blog and think I may have done it but I'll have rely on my blogging pals to let me know whether or not it works. It SHOULD lead my friends to my latest articles so you can keep an eye on what I'm writing about.

The cat's still not too well. We've come to the conclusion that someone's put down some sort of weedkiller or fertiliser that isn't animal friendly as she seems to be back to her normal self after a day indoors but as soon as we open up the cat flap she comes down with diarrhoea and sickness. Following her recent 'confinement' we allowed her out last night and, once again, she's picked up the lurgy so we're going to be hanging around the house all weekend to keep an eye on her. I'm just glad I've got loads of hobbies that don't involve travelling!!

Hence my relatively early blog while I'm having my mid morning coffee!! Don't know why I didn't start a blog up before as it's like chatting to a neighbour over the fence - I can just talk about the most ordinary of things and have a bit of a laugh to brighten the day.

Despite our downer this morning with Cleo being ill, Adam made me laugh. He's into homebrew and decided to make an early start this morning in getting it into his gallon plastic containers. Having filled one with hot water to fight off any bugs, he put his hand over the spout and gave it a good shake, forgetting that the steamy water would make the thing expand. Needless to say he took his hand away from the spout and the water spurted everywhere!!! As he said, just as well the water was warm and not freezing cold. I really should have run to his aid but I was doubled up with laughing.

He also had me in stitches last night when we were doing our WiiFit programme. Following on my 71 hula hoop spins Adam thought he'd outdo me. Talk about a whirling dervish - it was hilarious watching him from the rear!!!!!! But have to admit he did outdo my 71 spins twice over, although I don't think I'll be following his example as we can be seen from the road 'strutting or jiggling' our stuff'. Our lounge window looks out to the front of our property and our telly is in the corner of the room so our exercises have to take place slap bang in the middle of the window. All I can say is, thank goodness our road isn't very busy or we'd be having the men in their white coats turning up on the doorstep at regular intervals.

That reminds me of when Cleo first joined us back in 2003. Having picked her up from the RSPCA one Sunday afternoon, she immediately found her favourite spot at the end of the sofa and was soon curled up asleep. Unfortunately she decided she'd wake up in the early hours of the morning and have a quick tour of the house - basically this involved flying up and down the stairs at great speed and jumping on every level surface she could find (including the bed!). She finally seemed to settle down by about 2.00 in the morning and we'd just dropped off to sleep again to be woken by a male voice. Adam's alert far quicker than me and rushed off down the stairs. I heard him talking to someone and then he came back to the bedroom. Cleo had somehow managed to dial 999 but thankfully had also managed to hit the speakerphone button at the same time. The male voice was someone from emergency services asking us which emergency service we wanted!! Adam then had to try and explain that our new cat had phoned and we didn't actually want emergency services. Wonder how many calls they get of a similar nature!!!!

And thanks George for making me laugh yesterday with your comment on my Ascott Martyrs article. I have to admit that I hadn't really thought about Fanny Honeybone - bet she'd get called a few choice names at school these days!!!!!

Anyway, I'm now about to 'blog off' and have a bite to eat but, if I get bored later I might come back to you all for a 'chat'.

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  1. I am surprised, no, shocked, that your article on the Ascott Martyrs has only had two comments and three 'I like it' so far! It seems strange to me that some people on Triond that string a few words that rhyme together (I wont dignify them by calling them poets) get dozens of sycophantic comments and someone like yourself (and me hopefully) that have to do hours, nay, days of research before we even put pen to paper, well fingers to keyboard, only pull in a few.