Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hot Off The Press

Well, here it is my friendly blogger bods! A link to my latest masterpiece!!

Following yesterday's blog I'm pleased to report that my WiiFit has now confirmed that I've lost 1 lb in weight, my fitness age is 5 years below my real age, I've finally managed to master the hoola hoop - from a lousy 10 spins I managed to top 71 in 1 minute last night, and I'm top of the leader board on step aerobics (although the latter is no real great achievement as my only opposition is Adam who's a muscular 6'1" hulk so not too light on the tootsies)!! Once again I tried the aerobics/alcohol combination and it certainly seems to work for me!!!

Today didn't start off particularly well. Cleo the cat, who'd had a horrible stomach upset for a couple of days but seemed to have recovered last night and managed to polish off a bowl of tuna, seems to have got diarrhoea badly again this morning. We've decided that she's probably taken in some sort of fertiliser or weed killer so we've now confined her to barracks for a day to ensure she doesn't take in any more. She's not happy with the idea at all and scowls at us when we go near her, but then it's no picnic for us either - as Adam so delicately puts it; it smells as if we're living in a sewer! But unfortunately there's little else we can do - at least while she's shut in we can keep an eye on her and, if she gets any worse, we know where she is and can drive her to the vet at a moment's notice.

Well stomach thinks the throat's been cut so must away to the kitchen to get my Wallace & Gromit lunch - cream crackers and cheese before embarking on my next tranche of typing. Hopefully I'll have time this afternoon to get on with my new crime/murder article.

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  1. One of my dogs had canine enteritis a few months ago, bringing up and passing blood and horrendous diarrhoea. I had to spend two nights sitting up with him (and clearing up after him, yuk!). A few days later he was like nothing was ever wrong with him, while Daddy was still drooping after the sleepless nights!