Thursday, April 23, 2009

Another Day Over and Deeper in Debt

... as the old 1960s song Sixteen Tons says!

The day started on a high - I had some work in from one of my favourite clients to keep me going for an hour or so and then .......... nothing! Eventually I got one or two bits and pieces filtering through - probably about enough to keep the wolf from the door for the next couple of days. The highlight of my day was unpacking my monthly Asda order which was delivered to me during the morning but now, sitting here at 6.00 pm in my study with the window open, the sun shining, a lovely warm breeze blowing in and the sound of bird song in the air my spirits have been well and truly lifted.

At the end of the day, provided I can pay my household bills and feed me, my partner and the cat it's all I need from life. Who needs to go to the pub or the cinema or take expensive holidays? It'd be nice to be able to afford to do it once in a while but, being 'income restricted' I've come to appreciate what really matters in life. I'm far more fortunate than so many other people in the country at the moment. I have my own little slice of tranquil rural England just outside my window, I have a roof over my head, I have at least some work, unlike many others during this time of recession, I have a close family and, all in all, life ain't so bad. Anyway, tomorrow's another day and I could be inundated with work.

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